Practice Details

White Collar Criminal Defense

In an age in which white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions are splattered on newspapers’ front pages, finding effective defense counsel is paramount.  MDM&C is noted for its proficient defense of individuals and corporations under investigation by the Department of Justice or other governmental agencies.

MDM&C houses litigators who were previously with the government as prosecutors or lawyers.  As a result of their background and their aggressive representation, MDM&C white-collar attorneys have been successful in keeping many of their clients from being charged and in avoiding publicity about investigations.  When unable to resolve such matters quietly, we have vigorously defended our clients at trial.

MDM&C has represented individuals and companies in a vast array of criminal matters, including public corruption, health care, environmental, tax, banking, bribery, false claims, food and drug, campaign finance, ERISA, labor relations, RICO, trade secrets, perjury, false statements, obstruction of justice, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy.

In the context of pharmaceutical litigation our white-collar group have defended and prosecuted commercial actions regarding improper billing practices, antitrust allegations, and wholesale pricing of drugs.

The Firm has represented national and international corporations, American and foreign nationals, executives, and professionals in a wide range of criminal and near- criminal cases.  We have conducted independent internal investigations, developed and instituted corporate compliance programs and as a result often have kept our clients from severe government sanctions and charges.

Our white-collar lawyers are united in their belief that their hard work and clever strategies are often the difference between our clients maintaining or losing their liberty.  That understanding causes them to work diligently and aggressively on their clients’ behalf.