Withum Cyber: Think You're Covered? Think Again, Withum and Capitol One Webinar

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Privacy compliance requirements are becoming increasingly complex and the frequency of cyberattacks are increasing. Businesses must consider the new cyber threat landscape, prolonged outages, data privacy, and cyber insurance policy concerns.

Whether you are considering cyber insurance, shopping for a policy, and/or have been recently impacted by a cyberattack there are various considerations prior to and post attack.

This session, hosted by CapitalOne and presented by the Practice Leader of Withum’s Cyber and Information Security Team (a former top Electronic Crimes expert for the United States Secret Service) and the Practice Leader and members of McElroy Deutsch’s Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy Group will share how organizations can, with the proper level of compliance and cyber security measures, successfully reduce the likelihood of compliance failures and mitigate the impact of cybersecurity incidents.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Identify how organizations have been impacted by cybersecurity events, including COVID-19
  • Understand data privacy considerations and how to reduce compliance failures
  • Understand cyber insurance and its caveats
  • Understand what modern assessments exists to limit organizational risk, data privacy, and assurances of coverage
  • Know what to do if you are impacted


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